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Thursday, July 31, 2008

W Club announced the Moods Collection

The W Club, Integrity Toys collectors club for Fashion Royalty, Gene, and other dolls, has announce the first of the 2008 Fashion Royalty W Club exclusives -- and it's a doozy!!!! There are not one, but two Veronique dolls, a deluxe fashion, a deluxe accessory set, and a regular accessory set. It's a build-your-own gift set. This is the first in a series called the Moods Collection. The theme of this collection is Romantic, and it's based on 1920's era fashion and styling. Check out the forum link for more details and pics: click here to be taken to forum thread.

The Circle of Love

When I started out collecting the strange little bigheaded dolls named "Blythe" last year, little did I know what I was getting into. I thought I would just try one and made sure to find one that was not very popular, hence quite affordable and well ... let's put it this way ... hopefully the least damaging to my wallet in case I did not take fondly to her.

The package arrived, I tore it open and then I gasped at the size of that head. My better half almost jumped when I displayed her in the hopes of getting some reassurance and approval. She did not fit in anywhere in my collection which was then full of glamrous supermodels with perfectly proportioned bodies. So she sat on my study desk and simply stared.
And then that shy, lonely thing grew on me. Before long I was buffing her up, buying her clothes, painting her lips and playing with her. It was almost like I was revisiting my childhood. Now, my Blythe family has grown. So has my circle of friends, online and in real life, all through the one common thread ... the love for our Blythes.

Oh yes, Blythe has grown quite a following in our forum as well. You should definitely check out all the fabulous girls and their proud parents.

And finally, if you have not tried adopting a Blythe yet, I ask you to give it a shot. Who knows, maybe she will change your life in unexpected ways, just like she did mine.

Blythe 7th Anniversary commerical

Just found this on YouTube from Blythe Theatre. It's very cute and showcases the Denizens of the Lake collection.

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April 6, 2008
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For those of you that don't already know, Superdoll is currently taking orders on their new Fashion Victims collection. Of the three dolls available, there is only one left, Sage. Her close-up pic can be viewed at the superdoll website (see Sybarites link in the "Shopping" section of this website) using Apple's Safari browser (free download at Otherwise, she is the doll in back of the pig on the main page of the Superdoll website.

A new Lana Turner doll is currently available as an Haute Doll magazine exclusive. A link to her is provided in the DollyDaily forum, or you can go to Haute Doll's website for further information.

March 30, 2008
As of this publication, Integrity Toys has begun shipping the FR Basic collection, Mineral Matters. Mattel has shipped My Melody Barbie doll and the Kimora Lee Simmons Baby Phat Barbie doll.

We've added lots of new reviews including My Melody Barbie doll, Firefly Agnes Von Weiss (companion doll from the Australian Dollz in Oz convention), Dressmaker Details Jolie en Noir, and Winter Bus Stop Momoko.

One of our very own forum members, Droidster, has added a fantastic play-by-play of the Sybarite Paris doll event held earlier this month. His account of the event is almost as exciting as the event, itself.

February 23, 2008
Integrity debuts their 2008 Fashion Royalty, Model Behavior, Homme, Hollywood Royalty, Gene, and the Dynamite Girls collections. We have posted official and FAO launch party pics inside the DollyDaily forum. Two collector favorites are the "Purple Pose" Isha and the "Shape Shifter" Natalia gift set. Isha will be limited to 300 pieces and will be a exclusive. The Natalia gift set will be a spring FAO Schwarz exclusive. She is limited 500 sets and is priced at $265.

February 9, 2008
Our new Shopping section is up and running. Please email us if you have a link you would like to submit for review. Right now, the list consists of some of our favorite places.

February 1, 2008
Our dolly reviews are now in full swing. We hope you like them. We will keep adding more as reviews are submitted. You are welcome to join the forum and submit a review (your review may be published to the reviews section of this website). We are working on becoming a premier resource for fashion doll collectors around the world. In addition to the reviews section, we're also working on a doll shoppers paradise, a directory that will have lots of links to doll shops, artists, dioramas, and much more. Stay tuned.

January 23, 2008
Integrity released some sneak-peaks of their upcoming 2008 Fashion Royalty collection. "Mineral Matters!" consists of 4 basic dolls dressed in metallics -- Vanessa, Luchia, Kyori, and Adele. Integrity also snuck out preliminary pics of their new AvantGuards collection of 16" fashion dolls, the first of 4 Gene mini-collections entitled "Color Deal," a new Valia doll, and two new Dynamite Girls (including Rufus Blue a FDQ Magazine exclusive). Tonner also debuted their 2008 doll line with lots of goodies (as mentioned in our December 20th, 2007 post...but there's lots more!!). Pics and information are located in the Forum section of our website.

January 13, 2008
Introducing, Doll reviews. Become a forum member and submit a review of a doll you just received. Our first review is for Best Models: Barcelona. Check it out in the Reviews section of the website by clicking on the link to the right.

December 20, 2007
The very first DollyDaily exclusive t-shirt has been posted in the announcements forum. Find out how to get one for free. In other news, FAO Schwarz has shipped the widely anticipated Platinum label "Pink Soiree" silkstone Barbie doll. She's absolutely gorgeous, and limited to 999 pieces or less. The Tonner doll company has begun showing pics of their upcoming 2008 doll collections including 3 new Queen dolls in the Alice In Wonderland collection, Agnes Dreary and her absolutely dreadful siblings, 3 new American Models, and more.

December 17, 2007
Congratulations to our member, Mary, for supplying the winning banner that will become the new Dolly Daily doll collecting forum logo for 2008.