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Sunday, May 24, 2009


I was lucky to spend some time with Adele yesterday, and she did not disappoint.

Adele is one of my MOST FAVORITE characters in the Fashion Royalty lineup, and this incarnation of her, The Muse, is proabably one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE dolls. She's soft, sophisticated, and has a great attitude. LOL!

In the photo above she's wearing the "Girl of the Moment" sweater, but I must say that this girl looks good in everything.

I've posted more pics in the Dolly Daily community in the "For the love of Adele" thread. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

BIC Fashion Royalty exclusive, "In Yuzen Blossom" Giselle

BIC, a Japanese doll shop located just outside Tokyo in Chiba, Japan, has a gorgeous new exclusive Giselle Fashion Royalty doll wearing a beautiful kimono.

"In Yuzen Blossom" Giselle is a partnership between designer Nobuko Sakayori and Jason Wu, and features kimono fabric specially dyed and designed exclusively for Giselle in the Yuzen studio in Kyoto, Japan. The genuine "Kyoto Yuzen" has a respective serial number, and Giselle's kimono also has the serial number. It means that Giselle's kimono is a legitimate genuine Kyoto Yuzen through Kyoto Yuzen Association. She's ultra-limited to 300 pieces and retails for ¥19,950 (approx $200).

We've got a fantastic discussion going on about her in the DollyDaily Community (must be a member to view/participate): "In Yuzen Blossom" thread

For more information about "In Yuzen Blossom" Giselle visit the BIC website

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jonathan Adler Barbie doll

Renowned designer Jonathan Adler, who designed the 50th Anniversary Barbie house in Malibu, CA, has designed his very own Barbie doll, and she's coming later this year. She'll come complete with nightstand with lamp, vases, and magazines. Barbie will retail for around $50.

Also coming soon in the Blonde Ambition collection, featuring hot blondes, is Heidi Klum and Goldie Hawn. Who knew!