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Monday, November 30, 2009

They've arrived!

My two DollyStyle Convention girls have arrived! WooHoo! They're absolutely GORGEOUS! Anyone still deciding about these two should hit the "buy" button. I love them.

"Re-Edition: Tokyo, here we go!" is beautiful. She's my first Amélie doll and I adore her. She's quite the princess in her pink outfit with cute crown. The crown is so cute, it has a mini comb to attach to her hair.

And, "Night Warrior" Vanessa. What can I say. She's daring, captivating, and quite possibly one of the most beautiful Vanessa dolls to date.

I thought you might enjoy these mini photos. I'll post some larger pix in the Dolly Daily community.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blythe recruitment begins today!

Calling all Blythe doll lovers!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009 DollyStyle Convention dolls revealed

The 2009 DollyStyle convention is underway, and last night in Tokyo, Japan two beautiful dolls were revealed. The first is "Tokyo, here we go" Amelie from the Japanese exclusive FR Nippon collection. This girl is the official convention doll, and she is splendid in pink. She is a "revisited" version of the first Dolly Style convention doll, "Tokyo, here we go" Misaki who wears the same outfit but in black. Amelie is limited to 300 pieces, and unlike her predecessor comes with a cute crown atop her head.

Conventioneers were also given the opportunity to purchase the Fashion Royalty companion doll, "Night Warrior" Vanessa doll, ltd 300. Vanessa, one of the most gorgeous Vanessa dolls ever, is dressed in the colors of night and comes complete with a sword to vanquish all of the baddies. Her cool cross necklace is similar to the one Amelie wears thus tying them together. Perhaps Vanessa is Amelie's guardian?

Either way, these two lovely dolls are the belle's of the DollyStyle ball and are sure to be a hit with collectors. Lucky are the few who will have the opportunity to own these treasures.

Monday, November 16, 2009

2009 DollyStyle Convention

The 2009 DollyStyle Convention happens this coming weekend, Nov 21st & 22nd, in Tokyo, Japan. Collectors from all over the world are signed up to attend this exclusive event. This collector can't wait to read about all of the fun attendees had in the days following the event, as well as the reveal of the FR Nippon Convention doll. How exciting. The Dolly Daily Community is abuzz with speculation and frenzied guessing as to who the Convention doll will be and also who the Fashion Royalty Companion doll will be. Nobody will know until Saturday night, Tokyo time, when the big reveal will take place. Until then, why not join us in the Community and have a guess.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mattel To Produce Bratz spring 2010

I knew this was coming !!! Hopefully they will still be "Bratz" !!

Mattel said it plans to launch the Bratz doll line in the spring of 2010. Mattel sued MGA Entertainment Inc. over rights to the doll and won the first phase of the case earlier this year. They are now in the second phase of the case, which involves trade-secret theft.

Interesting stuff !!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gene Marshall retires from the glitz and glam of Hollywood

Hollywood legend, Gene Marshall, announced her retirement from film making last week, and it caught her fans by surprise. The papers (and blogs) were a buzz with the news that our favorite starlet is calling it a day. This reporter says, there's no better time to exit the scene than while one is on top. So, bravo(!), Gene Marshall; you will be missed.

Katie "Gene" Marshall got her start in the industry many years ago. She was discovered while working in a theatre as an "usherette." Shortly thereafter, she waved "goodbye, New York" and hopped on the first train west. "Hello, Hollywood, hello," she declared as she stepped onto the platform at Union Station, and the rest, as they say, is motion picture history.

Monolithic Studios will present Gene Marshall with a lifetime achievement award at her final curtain call next June (2010) at her farewell convention. She will receive a send-off like no other. Please stay-tuned for more info as it becomes available.

Though Ms. Marshall is retiring from the silver screen she will continue to warm the hearts of her many fans as they continue to relive her many roles on and off the silver screen.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poppy Parker : What a Doll !!!!!!!!!

I really tried to ignore the preliminary photos of Integrity Toy's Poppy Parker line. Surely these new dolls wouldn't appeal to me ....WRONG !!

After seeing so many intriguing member photos here , I was in trouble . I still resisted for a long time , but then I spotted a nude Blonde Poppy on ebay...the rest is history !!

Poppy is so versatile , nothing I've dressed her in looks bad . She's so photogenic too !! This girl doesn't ever take a bad pic . Dressing her is super easy too since her hands are removable . Love 'em !!

Make sure and visit the Community and check out all the pics and info about Poppy !!