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Saturday, August 30, 2008

My first date with Von Elem

I unpackaged Von Elem the same day he arrived, but he didn't have any clothes to wear so he just hung out with my other guy dolls until I could find him something to wear. A few days ago I found a really cute outfit for him on Etsy and quickly purchased it. Then, while that was en route, I was chatting with my internet buddy, Claudia, who asked if vintage Mattel Todd outfits would fit. Funny enough, I was eyeing some of the Todd outfits on ebay, but didn't want to spend the money until I knew they would work. As it turns out, Claudia had a few bits and pieces laying around that she could send me. They arrived today, and, voila! It fit perfectly. So, today Von Elem had his first photo shoot.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dolly Daily community forum update

The Dolly Daily community forum is back up and running. We were down for a few hours last night for some community upgrades, and we hope you like the new changes. Of note, you can now upload pics to your own albums and then share them in the forum (please note that as the Dolly Daily community is private, sharing pics outside the forum will not work -- ie: posting the pic url in another forum on the web). What's also really cool is that the Dolly Daily community now features a "random pictures" area above the forum from member's public albums.

Member profiles are now updatable and other Dolly Daily members can now post messages to you, just like MySpace, Facebook, and other social networks. Just click on a member's profile, or their avatar in a thread to get started. Members can also add "friends" that can be easily accessible from their own Profile page. Also, members can create social groups outside of regular forum threads in which to interact.

But wait, there's more. New features will be emailed to all members in the September newsletter. Stay tuned. :-)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

DollyDaily banners now has banners for your websites, blogs, etc. You can now link to using one of our nifty banners. There are 5 from which to choose. Spread the word.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wonder Frog, Von Elem, has arrived!!!

My dear internet buddy, Rupak, enlightened me to a cutie little Japanese froggy named Wanda (aka Wonder Frog, aka "Wandafuroggu" -- hence the name "Wanda"). Wanda is the main Wonder Frog and he has lots of "wandafurendo" (Wonder Friends); they come in limited editions, and Von Elem aka "Von Eremu" (the light blue froggy that you see pictured) is one of them. He's the most recent limited edition. There is one other recent edition, Flora Heimel, a pink frog, that is an open edition but comes out monthly in small editions (I think).

There's not much information out there on the web about these little froggies, but they're becoming highly collectible. Flickr has a whole album dedicated to the many Wonder Frog collectors. The Wonder Frogs stand about 6 inches high, and come packaged in a silver plastic/foil baggie (as pictured). To my knowledge, there have been some small-edition outfits available for them as well.

When I saw that Von Elem was going to be released I knew immediately that I needed to have him in my collection. I adore blue frogs (even though they're deadly!), and he was just too cute to pass-up. Sadly, I missed the first round. By the time I made it to the site they'd completely sold out. I was a little bummed. Then a couple of days later I just happened to check back -- SCORE! They had listed 1 Von Elem that had been a cancellation. I didn't think twice about clicking the "buy" button. And now he's here. <3

I think what appeals to me about these little froggies is that they have such an innocent and cute simplicity about them.

I'm still a little confused as to whether Wanda is a boy frog or a girl frog. The Studio Uoo website says "he" as does all of the publications surrounding Wanda, but many collectors have dressed "him" up as a girl. I supposed he/she is whatever you'd like him/her to be. :-)

I can't wait to de-package him and play.

We've got a cute discussion going on inside the forum about Wanda and her friends: here

Wanda and his friends are a Japanese product and sold in Japan only. There is a website, BIC, that ships worldwide.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mix 'n Match with Vintage Barbie doll

Found this cute vintage Barbie doll commercial. Oh, the good ol' days!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mattel previews first batch of 2009 Barbie 50th Anniversary dolls

In the past few days Mattel has begun to preview the first batch of 2009 Barbie 50th Anniversary. Among the assortment is a beautiful contemporary silkstone version of the original 1959 Barbie doll. 1959 Silkstone Barbie doll has been updated from the original, and includes a new glittery black and white striped maillot, and updated make-up pallet, and a modern hairstyle that harkens back to the original. Also exciting is that two skintone versions will be available.

Among the other releases slated for Barbie doll's 50th anniversary are a reproduction #1 Barbie doll that will come dressed in a reproduction of her original black and white maillot along with a reproduction of the popular "Solo in the Spotlight" outfit. Mattel already released this outfit as a reproduction back in 1995, so it's puzzling as to why they would do it again. I'm hoping that they do an accurate reproduction because the original reproduction was so poorly made. Another 50th Anniversary reproduction will be a bubblecut Barbie doll dressed in her original red swimsuit and will come partnered with a reproduction of Barbie doll's popular Enchanted Evening" outfit. Again, a reproduction that Mattel has already made (back in 90's), but I'm interested to see the packaging on these vintage reproduction dolls.

Further 50th Anniversary reproductions include a 1967 Twist 'n Turn Barbie doll that comes with a reproduction of the "Zokko!" outfit, a 1971 Malibu Barbie doll partnered with a reproduction of "Lemon Kick," a 1977 Superstar Barbie doll with an additional Superstar fashion reproduction, and a 1986 Barbie and the Rockers doll partnered with a Rockers fashion reproduction. For the life of me, I can't figure out why Mattel would also make reproductions of the Malibu doll, the Superstar doll, and the Barbie and the Rockers doll. I would think that there are so many of these dolls around at fairly affordable prices from their original release that a reproduction seems odd to me. Maybe I just have no idea at the popularity of these dolls (hmmm, I'll have to check ebay).

One of the biggest surprises is the introduction of Becky. Many Mod era (1967-1972) collectors know that the Becky doll was a Mattel prototype doll that never made it into production. There were even some "Francie and Becky" fashions that were released, but unfortunately an actual Becky doll never surfaced -- until now. She uses the Casey facemold and has a cute mousy-brown flip hair style. This unique girl will come with an additional two outfits to form a gift set. How exciting that collectors will now be able to add an official Becky doll to their collection. In my opinion, this is not a reproduction as there were never any Becky dolls released. Kudos to Mattel for coming up with something truly unique for Barbie doll's 50th Anniversary.

Noticeably missing from the 50th Anniversary assortment are Barbie doll's other early hairstyles. I'm surprised *not* to see an 1965/1966 American Girl reproduction in one of her gorgeous 1600 series fashions. Maybe that'll come during the 2nd half of 2009 when Mattel announces more dolls at the 2009 New York Toy Fair in February. I've heard that 2009's Barbie Fashion Model Collection (silkstone dolls) will feature an Anniversary theme. Besides the 1959 Silkstone dolls already previewed, there will also be an updated Silkstone "Plantation Belle" doll that wears a contemporary reinterpretation of the vintage classic. It will be interesting to see if Mattel carries this idea forward for the rest of 2009. I always kind of thought that Silkstone Barbie doll's outfit "Garden Party" was sort of an updated version of Plantation Belle, so it will be nice to compare that with what they come up with.

Other releases for 2009 include a reproduction of Julia in her nurse's outfit, a mod-style Pivotal Barbie doll gift set, a Marilyn Monroe "Blonde Ambition" Barbie doll, a Carol Burnett "Scarlett O'Hara" Curtain gown, an Alvin Ailey Dance Theater 50th Anniversary doll, a trio of Corvette Barbie dolls, a Kentucky Derby Barbie doll, 4 Dolls of the World Barbie dolls (France, Ireland, Mexico, and Brazil), and musical versions of the popular Wizard of Oz dolls.

I suspect that Mattel has lots more goodies planned for us in 2009, and the preview, thus far, has been pretty exciting. Collectors are abuzz, and the Dolly Daily forum has some fun discussions going on in the forum. Many of the photos of these dolls can be seen at the various dolls sites like Angelic Dreamz, My Favorite Doll, and Vogue Collectibles; they're all accessible clicking on the Shopping link in the upper right-hand side of this site.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pierrot outfit arrives!

My new Pierrot outfit from Poupee Mecanique has arrived; thank you Leo!!! I absolutely LOVE it. Here it is just as it arrived in the package. So cute how Leo does the packaging for his lovely creations. I knew I wanted to add this outfit the minute I saw it in his Flickr album, and I'm so happy that I got it.

Next step: opening the packaging and finding the right girl to model the outfit. Stay tuned in the DollyDaily forum for re-dress pics.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Integrity Toys debuts "Back to Black" Natalia as official IFDC Convention doll

Last night, at the IFDC (International Fashion Doll Convention), Integrity Toys debuted "Back to Black" Natalia Fatale as the official convention doll. Collectors were wow'd by her glamour and sophistication. Conventioneers received 1 doll and had the opportunity to purchase up to 2 more.

I love her sleek black gown with peek-a-boo asymetrical bodice. Integrity Toys managed to update the classic Cleopatra look by making her into a runway goddess.

Unlike previous years, there was no companion doll. Check out the discussion going on about IFDC and Natalia in the forum.

In other IFDC and Integrity Toys news, The AvantGuards break-out event was held during the IFDC. Our very own roving reporter, Claudia, snapped this luscious pic of the event exclusive outfit, Shockwave (ltd 100).

The outfit will be available to event attendees in November when the rest of the collection is available.  We've got a discussion going on about the AvantGuard dolls and the break-out event going on in the forum. Claudia has shared pics of the other dolls in the collection and had the opportunity to hold the dolls.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Katy Perry video w/ Fashion Royalty dolls

Just came across this Katy Perry video, UR So Gay, and it features many of the Fashion Royalty dolls. Warning: adult themes and language.

Tonner debuts more Fall 08 collection

Robert Tonner doll company has debuted more dolls from their 2008 Fall collection. Click on the link to be taken to the Tonner website to see all of these beauties. Of particular note is the new Joan Crawford collection. It consists of dolls and outfits inspired by some of Ms. Crawford's most memorable scenes. There are 4 dolls and 2 outfits in this initial release -- hopefully, there's more to come! Friday Foster® is another new collection that is based on the wildly popular 1970's comic strip of the same name. This collection consists of 3 dolls and 2 outfits.

Be sure to click on the link to view a ton of other dolls, including more in the Alice in Wonderland collection, the New York City Ballet, Dick Tracy™, and more.

Please note: has received permission from Tonner Doll Company to use the photo. DollyDaily is not affiliated in any way with Tonner Doll Company and opinions expressed here are strictly our own.

IFDC 2008 pics

Doll collector Renatta Rasmussen has posted photos on her site for IFDC (International Fashion Doll Convention). Click on the link and be whisked away to dolly heaven. She updates each day. There are some cool pics of OOAKs from doll artists and pics from Integrity Toys' new Hollywood Royalty collection as well as the new Dynamite Girls character, Spooky Sooki, a special Halloween themed doll and a new character for the Dynamite Girls.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Haute Doll exclusive: Couture Swallow

Haute Doll Magazine has posted pics of their new Superdoll Sybarite exclusive, Couture Swallow. She's simply gorgeous, goth, glam, and everything in-between. She's limited to 250 pieces and retails for $710 ($725 non-club members).

Check her out, here.
Check out the discussion about here in the forum, here.