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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010

May all of your dolly wishes come true in 2010.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy holidays!

The staff at would like to wish all of our members and
fans a very happy holidays.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mattel's Twilight Edward Cullen doll

Edward Cullen has finally made the trek to my place. And, WOW! I absolutely ADORE him. I love the sparkle, I love his new body mold, and I love his new neck/head mold. He looked a bit not-so-cute in the very-bad hairstyle with which Mattel supplied him, but I gave him a small hair makeover. To me, he looks a little more like Robert Pattinson with the new hair than he did stock.

He and Jacob Black will make a good team once Jacob is available in February.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Avatar contest

Our popular Avatar contest is currently in the voting stage. Please be sure to stop by the DollyDaily community and vote for you favorite DollyDaily avatar. The top two winning entries will become official DollyDaily avatars.

There are only a few days left to get your votes in.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have always found Kelly dolls by Mattel to be very cute. But never have I gone as far as buying them for my collection. Until now, that is. Ever since I saw these Charlie's Angels Kelly trio, I have been wanting them so badly, I think I might have to bring them home. But since I have been splurging so much on my hobby lately, I will try to be good and wait for a few more months before ordering them. But boy, aren't they super adorable?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finally! Mattel does something right.

Mattel's Ken doll has FINALLY got a brand new neck. Hurray!!! I've have always long hated the weird and oddly placed neck seam on Ken doll, and I've always hated that he could never look up or down (only side to side). At long last, Mattel has finally updated Ken doll's neck on some of the collector dolls. Looks like Twilight Ken doll as Edward Cullen and "Pop Life" Ken doll are the first to use this new technology. Second, is the upcoming Harley Davidson Ken doll (and Barbie doll) gift set for 2010. Ken doll looks fantastic with his new articulation.

Here's a pic from the website Man behind the doll showing the old neck style:

Here's a pic from Mattel's Barbie Collector website showing Ken as Edward Cullen's new neck style:

So exciting. I'm definitely looking forward to more Ken dolls, and now I'm actually buying them!!!

Please note: Mattel will also apparently continue to use the "old" neck style as apparent from "Fashionista" Ken doll also from this year.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dressmaker Details announces Mon Cheri just in time for the holidays

Dressmaker Details has announced a sassy new cocktail dress in rich crimson satin.

This gorgeous party dress is perfect for the girl about town. The gathered skirt and fitted bodice emphasize the tiny waist, and the delicate bows at the neckline offer a playful softer touch. Accessories include Opera length gloves, matching sling back shoes, satin clutch w/ bow detail, "ruby" drop earrings, "diamond" bracelet, and versatile "ruby & diamond" pin which can be used to accent any part of the fashion. Suggested retail $85. The ensemble is due in shortly and should be in dealer's hands before Christmas. Contact your favorite Dressmaker Details authorized retailers for more information.

Here is the beautiful Plantation Silkstone Barbie doll modeling the outfit

Here is the gorgeous Tatyana Fashion Royalty doll modeling the outfit

Photos and information by Dressmaker Details

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Barbie dolls meets Comme des Garcons

Fashion designer Rei Kawakubo has dressed millions of people in Comme des Garcons, and now she's dressed Barbie doll. Barbie doll models her beautiful sleeveless silk Jingle Flowers photo-style print fabric.

The limited edition Barbie is part of the Barbie Collector Platinum Label collection, and comes in its own box, featuring the Jingle Flowers print, and display stand. Comme des Garcon Barbie doll can be purchased for approximately $350 at Comme des Garcons direct shops.

Monday, November 30, 2009

They've arrived!

My two DollyStyle Convention girls have arrived! WooHoo! They're absolutely GORGEOUS! Anyone still deciding about these two should hit the "buy" button. I love them.

"Re-Edition: Tokyo, here we go!" is beautiful. She's my first Amélie doll and I adore her. She's quite the princess in her pink outfit with cute crown. The crown is so cute, it has a mini comb to attach to her hair.

And, "Night Warrior" Vanessa. What can I say. She's daring, captivating, and quite possibly one of the most beautiful Vanessa dolls to date.

I thought you might enjoy these mini photos. I'll post some larger pix in the Dolly Daily community.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blythe recruitment begins today!

Calling all Blythe doll lovers!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009 DollyStyle Convention dolls revealed

The 2009 DollyStyle convention is underway, and last night in Tokyo, Japan two beautiful dolls were revealed. The first is "Tokyo, here we go" Amelie from the Japanese exclusive FR Nippon collection. This girl is the official convention doll, and she is splendid in pink. She is a "revisited" version of the first Dolly Style convention doll, "Tokyo, here we go" Misaki who wears the same outfit but in black. Amelie is limited to 300 pieces, and unlike her predecessor comes with a cute crown atop her head.

Conventioneers were also given the opportunity to purchase the Fashion Royalty companion doll, "Night Warrior" Vanessa doll, ltd 300. Vanessa, one of the most gorgeous Vanessa dolls ever, is dressed in the colors of night and comes complete with a sword to vanquish all of the baddies. Her cool cross necklace is similar to the one Amelie wears thus tying them together. Perhaps Vanessa is Amelie's guardian?

Either way, these two lovely dolls are the belle's of the DollyStyle ball and are sure to be a hit with collectors. Lucky are the few who will have the opportunity to own these treasures.

Monday, November 16, 2009

2009 DollyStyle Convention

The 2009 DollyStyle Convention happens this coming weekend, Nov 21st & 22nd, in Tokyo, Japan. Collectors from all over the world are signed up to attend this exclusive event. This collector can't wait to read about all of the fun attendees had in the days following the event, as well as the reveal of the FR Nippon Convention doll. How exciting. The Dolly Daily Community is abuzz with speculation and frenzied guessing as to who the Convention doll will be and also who the Fashion Royalty Companion doll will be. Nobody will know until Saturday night, Tokyo time, when the big reveal will take place. Until then, why not join us in the Community and have a guess.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mattel To Produce Bratz spring 2010

I knew this was coming !!! Hopefully they will still be "Bratz" !!

Mattel said it plans to launch the Bratz doll line in the spring of 2010. Mattel sued MGA Entertainment Inc. over rights to the doll and won the first phase of the case earlier this year. They are now in the second phase of the case, which involves trade-secret theft.

Interesting stuff !!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gene Marshall retires from the glitz and glam of Hollywood

Hollywood legend, Gene Marshall, announced her retirement from film making last week, and it caught her fans by surprise. The papers (and blogs) were a buzz with the news that our favorite starlet is calling it a day. This reporter says, there's no better time to exit the scene than while one is on top. So, bravo(!), Gene Marshall; you will be missed.

Katie "Gene" Marshall got her start in the industry many years ago. She was discovered while working in a theatre as an "usherette." Shortly thereafter, she waved "goodbye, New York" and hopped on the first train west. "Hello, Hollywood, hello," she declared as she stepped onto the platform at Union Station, and the rest, as they say, is motion picture history.

Monolithic Studios will present Gene Marshall with a lifetime achievement award at her final curtain call next June (2010) at her farewell convention. She will receive a send-off like no other. Please stay-tuned for more info as it becomes available.

Though Ms. Marshall is retiring from the silver screen she will continue to warm the hearts of her many fans as they continue to relive her many roles on and off the silver screen.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poppy Parker : What a Doll !!!!!!!!!

I really tried to ignore the preliminary photos of Integrity Toy's Poppy Parker line. Surely these new dolls wouldn't appeal to me ....WRONG !!

After seeing so many intriguing member photos here , I was in trouble . I still resisted for a long time , but then I spotted a nude Blonde Poppy on ebay...the rest is history !!

Poppy is so versatile , nothing I've dressed her in looks bad . She's so photogenic too !! This girl doesn't ever take a bad pic . Dressing her is super easy too since her hands are removable . Love 'em !!

Make sure and visit the Community and check out all the pics and info about Poppy !!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Halloween time at Dolly Daily

We've got a fun mini Photo Theme this week for Halloween pix. Please check out the photo forum, and share you frightfully cute and wonderfully scary dolly photos. Here's a quick one of my little Mondie all dressed up for the Halloween party.

Here's a direct link to the Halloween photo thread.

Monday, October 19, 2009

LA Blythe meet

I went to my third Blythe doll meet yesterday in Los Angeles. There were so many dolls. Many collectors brought upwards of 5 to 10 dolls each; I only brought one. It was nice to see some collectors from previous meets there; and nice that we all remembered each other and could chat a bit. Doll get-togethers are always a nice escape to see familiar faces and meet new ones. What really gets me is how diverse the doll collecting world really is. There's not just one type of collector. In fact, coming from the fashion doll collecting world, myself, many of the Blythe collectors could not relate to all of the different dolls that I collect. Interestingly, many Blythe collectors discover Blythe via non-doll collecting means. Some are knitters and crafters, some collect cute Japanese things, and some just stumble upon Blythe without even trying. What's really interesting to me is that many Blythe collectors customize their dolls. That is so completely different from the fashion doll collecting world. Yes, we buy customized doll, but many don't actually do the customizing for themselves -- I can think of only a few fashion doll collectors that customize as their hobby without the desire to profit from it.

The one thing we all have in common is that non-collectors rarely understand our desire to collect dolls. That's why it's so nice to have a meet. Everyone already understands. Everyone already accepts. And we're all there to enjoy our love of dolls, discover new dolls, and bond with people to whom we don't have to explain about the dolls.

I thought it was interesting that I recently read a thread in one of the doll forums that went something like, " at what point do you tell the new person you're dating about the dolls." I thought it was funny because I've been there. We've all been there. I take comfort in knowing that I'm not alone. Doll collectors of the world UNITE!

This past weekend was also the 1st ever BlytheCon. It was held in Atlanta on Oct 17th. There's a cute thread in the Dolly Daily Community with some pix. Be sure to check it out.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Finally, the time is here. I am leaving for BlytheCon in Atlanta. Cannot wait to be there and meet fellow collectors as well as Blythe celebrities such as Gina Garan. Don't forget to check for updates on our forum at the BlytheCon thread. We will be posting pics live from the convention - before, during and after. So stay tuned!!!

See you soon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Many New Dolls,So Little Money !!

Is it just me , or has there been a flood of new dolls ??!!

From the Fashion Royalty Convention Collection alone there are some amazing new "have-to-have" dolls . . . . enough to bankrupt the richest collector LOL!!

Barbie has some awesome brand-new incarnations as well !!
The new Bob Mackie doll is spectacular !!!
Hard Rock Cafe's newest doll is another MUST-have ......
The BFMC Silkstone "Stunning in the Spotlight" pays homage to the iconic "Solo in the Spotlight" , another lovely new offering.

AND , if all these available dolls don't break you .....well , stay tuned....

Expect an announcement tomorrow about not one , not two , but THREE new Barbies from famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin !!

No doubt Integrity toys isn't done yet either !! There are upcoming on-line exclusives as well as the 2nd 2009 W club doll ...

Feeling broke yet ???? hehehehe

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ribonetta Wish - new NEO Blythe from CWC

CWC collaborates with Hello Kitty to create a super cute NEO Blythe Ribonetta Wish on Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary.

Here are some details from CWC's website. She wears a light pink dress with bows and a lovely bolero with dots. The dress features pink pearl beads and ribbons in Hello Kitty's five colors at the waist and hem. Bows in five colors beautifully accent her dress and hair. The "Hello Kitty" face is printed on a cute white handbag which features a pearl-bead handle. Special colored eye chips are used for all of the eyes with Hello Kitty's symbolic bow embedded in the irises. She will be a RBL with Fair skin type. She is expected to arrive in December.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heidi Klum & Her Barbie

Go behind the scenes as Supermodel Heidi Klum and Mattel join
forces to create the Barbie Doll as Heidi Klum

June 18, 2009/Los Angeles CA:
Supermodel and Emmy-nominated "Project Runway"
hostess Heidi Klum is now a real-life Barbie.

Klum, designer Robert Best and toymaker Mattel
spent nearly 8 months crafting every detail
of the Barbie Doll as Heidi Klum, which will be
available to the public starting in September on

Klum was deeply involved in the design process,
fro the face sculpt to the doll;s hair and eye
color. Right down to the choice of gold earrings.
The doll's pink dress was modeled after a mini-
skirt Klum wore to the 12th Annual Victoria's
Secret Fashion Show

Klum also took an active part in the doll's Photo
shoot for Mattel's forthcoming Holliday Collector
Barbie Catalog

The supermodel and soon-to-be mother of four
grew up playing with Barbie dolls and now shares
the passion with her daughter Leni

The doll is part of Barbie's Blonde Ambition
Collection, a series that celebrates iconic blondes
in fashion and entertainment

Monday, October 5, 2009

The best Fashion Royalty Jason Wu event, EVER!

Huge kudos to Integrity Toys for smacking us with the best Jason Wu event, EVER! Not a complaint to be had by me. Food, delicious. Dolls, gorgeous. Swag, plentiful. Hotel, awesome. Integrity Staff, welcoming.

If I had to force myself to think of something that I disliked, it would be that the convention is too short on time; it comes and goes much too quickly. Three full days of dolly nirvana is simply not enough! LOL

This event was packed with surprises from the moment we got our registration bags with the empty gift set box to the introduction of Elise Jolie on the final night. I love how she fits into the Iconic theme -- collectors have been requesting her from the very beginning when she was mentioned in the original story cards.

Thank you, Integrity Toys, listening to your collectors and improving their convention experience with each year that passes. You've done a fantastic job, and this collector is a happy camper. It was certainly *not* the year to miss.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Monogram with her glasses off

Friday night centerpiece -- Monogram

Outdoor Boyish

The first of the Autumn Winter 2009 line from Sekiguchi will soon be here. She is cute, tomboyish, dressed for the season and cool like all other Momoko. I am especially loving her boots, leg warmers and ear-muffs. Check out more Momoko information in our forum.

Poppy centerpiece doll

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Live from Wu Event VI: Iconic!!

The Fashion Royalty Convention 2009 is almost underway in Chicago. Don't miss live reports from our community members.

Follow the thread here - Reporting live from Chicago

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Awesome 1960's Barbie Collection

What a great variety of vintage Barbie ! I love all the hair color and style variations.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Doll collecting's bad rap.

The 2009/2010 TV season brings much to the table in terms of variety. One of my favorite shows this season is Glee. It's a fun show about a high school Glee Club filled with an eccentric bunch students. In last weeks episode, "Preggers," we find out that one of the on-again-off-again teachers happens to be a doll collector. Character Sandy Ryerson is creepy guy on the show, and the doll collecting is supposed to contribute to the disturbing nature of the character. Why is it that TV finds the doll collecting world so weird and out-of-touch? I get that the character is a stalker, a predator, and all-around weirdo. But why is the doll collecting part made to add to his weirdness?! There have been other shows that have portrayed the same types of negative characters who collect dolls and seem to have a skewed view of reality.

Come on, writers! Doll collecting is a fun and harmless hobby (albeit an expensive one). Let's see some positive portrayals of doll collectors on the tube. 2009 is, after all, Barbie doll's 50th anniversary. Stores like Kitson in Los Angeles and Jeffrey's New York are selling collectible fashion dolls by some of the worlds top designers. Many celebrities have extensive doll collections. Give us something to celebrate!

Jamieshow - a 16" BJD from Angelic Dreamz

Angelic Dreamz have recently unveiled their 16" BJD - Jamieshow.

Here are some of the details from Angelic Dreamz website for the dolls. The first collection is named "The Blossom Collection". There are four girls in the collection - Jamie the American girl; Kyra the African American girl; Mayumi the Japanese girl and RuYi the Chinese girl. They are all designed with 17 points of articulation and various accessories for them are also available at Angelic Dreamz.

Here is a link to JamieShow page on Angelic Dreamz

You can also find updates on our own doll forums.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Try the crow, it's delicious!

A long time ago I said it would never happen. I tried Gene, for 5 years!, and then gave it all up. She was just too big for me. So, I decided against getting into any other 16" dolls. I stayed with the 1/6th scale 12" dolls like Barbie and Fashion Royalty. All the while I kept seeing these gorgeous shots of the Sybarites dolls. I resisted and resisted. Well, you all know the story from there. I'm now a full-fledged, card-carrying, Sybarite enthusiast -- and I'm proud of it!!!

I think what really fascinates me about these dolls are their wardrobe. Wow, is all I can say. So much more can be done in this slightly larger scale to the 12" dolls. By that, I mean, the execution of design is just better and more accurate. Things that might look bulky on a smaller doll come out so real for the Sybarites.

I took this pic of these heels and named the pic Disco3000. Look at the tiny narrow stiletto of the black heels and the groovy yellow mesh. How about the gorgeous clear straps on the gold heels and the wonderful ankle detail. Not to mention how the hose fit on these girls. Not a bulky gathering in sight. Those red hose look painted on.

The most exciting part of all is that these aren't even the best examples of what is possible from the SuperGuys.

Check them out at
Check out the Sybarites discussion at the DollyDaily Community.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Prima Dolly London introduces the next Prima Dolly!

Can't wait to see the chic girl from Paris (play video till the end to see a sneak preview). That hair color is awesome, isn't it?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Integrity Toys unveils Fashion Fuel

AvantGuards collectors rejoice! Integrity Toys announces a special W Club exclusive outfit for the AvantGuards. The outfit, Fashion Fuel is currently available via pre-order to W Club members (please check the W Club for ordering details).

This gorgeous ensemble consists of a red jacket over a black satin slip dress, yummy-licious leopard platform heels (so worth the money just for those!), accessories like gloves, belt, fishnet stockings, and a blonde side-part wig.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dressmaker Details FR Convention Exclusive! "Windsong"

Dolly Daily is thrilled to announce our exclusive sneakpeek.....

"Windsong" - Dressmaker Details' Exclusive Design for the 2009 Wu Event VI to be held in Chicago, October 1-3rd, 2009.

This stunning ensemble features a fully lined lace vest which has been hand-beaded with tiny sead beads and can be removed to reveal a pale grey charmuese dress with a box pleated skirt and beaded lace trim at the hem. If you look closely, you can see that the purse is beaded, too. Finishing touches include lovely drop earrings, sheer white gloves, stockings and a magnificent fur wrap lined in a soft grey satin.

(Note: the color of the fur wrap on the actual production sets will be slightly darker.)

Limited Edition: 300 pieces worldwide.

Please visit Dressmaker Details Weblog at:

The Adorable Liv Dolls

Spin Master Ltd. has launched Liv dolls, a line of teenage fashion dolls targeted at girls aged six to ten. The dolls include Daniela, Sophie, Katie and Alexis. Features of the dolls include 14 points of movement, easy to change wigs, insertable glass eyes and detailed fashions. These dolls are in stores now and retail for $19.99 and accessory items range from $5.49 to $19.99.

I just saw one in person this evening and she was so cute and the articulation so great that I have decided to buy at least a couple. Hopefully this weekend ... YIPPIE ....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shanghai House of Barbie

What an incredible place !!!
Anyone in that part of the world is LUCKY !!

Less than a month to go until dolly craziness breaks out!

The Fashion Royalty Convention, ie: the Jason Wu Event VI, officially kicks off in less than a month. One of the Dolly Daily members, JennFL, organized a pre-convention chat last night to build up the excitement. We all had an awesome time and the hours (yes, hours) flew by. JennFL says that she'll organize a few more live chats before the convention. It was wicked fun speculating about the convention collection, discussing all of the workshops, figuring out when everyone is arriving, and chatting about all of the crazy meet-ups during the event.

I have to admit, that between work and the economy I hadn't much thought about the convention. In fact, I wasn't really that excited about it at all. Last night's chat changed all of that for me. OMG!!!! I can't wait to see everyone. It's going to be sooooo much fun. The people, the dolls, the parties. Wow!

Though this convention is completely sold out, I really encourage every doll collector to attend a convention. Many times doll collecting can be a solitary hobby that we share with online "friends" like those in the Dolly Daily community. No one understands us like other doll collectors do. A convention amplifies that a hundred times so that the collector is immersed in doll collecting heaven for several days straight. It's total bliss, yet completely without understanding unless one has been to a convention.

Many collectors who have never been to a convention think it's all about the dolls. Well, it is to some degree, but really it's about the people. Wow! There are some amazing doll collectors out there. Just when I think I've got them figured out they surprise me again and again.

Be sure to register in the Dolly Daily community (Click on the Community link at the top of this site) because a few of us are going to be posting lots of updates. It's going to be crazy!

Less than a month. So much to do; so little time left.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Have you seen the new Momoko lineup?

Sekiguchi has shown promo pics of their Autumn/Winter '09 line. Sure enough it is five new girls again. The prices are still at 134,40 Yen, which is high enough to keep me away from them for a while. The variety in the line from punk, to casual, to chic, to glam is absolutely wonderful. There is a lot of variety in haircolors also, and hopefully in their faceups. Cannot wait to see more of these girls.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tim Burton's Alice : New Doll Buzz

Rumor has it that both Tonner and Mattel will be producing dolls based on these colorful characters !! I can't wait to see !!!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Wonderful Sybarites

One of my favorite fashion dolls of late has become the delectable Sybarites dolls from Superdoll. Over the course of the past few years Charles and Des, the SuperGuys, seem to have put out a collection of dolls that resonates with collectors because of their cutting social commentary and dead-on killer fashions.

Here is model Venus d'Royce as Trapeze wearing bits and pieces from various fashions

What I love about the Sybarites are the gorgeous fashions and eye-catching face-ups. Superdoll gives me the edgier fashion dolls that I crave. I tend to want less classic styles and more of what I see on the runways from my favorite designers like Galliano, Westwood, Gaultier, etc.

I resisted these dolls for a long time because of their 16" size, but finally caved and purchased a few of them last year. Now, I wonder why I ever waited. Unlike any doll I've ever owned; these are more like art pieces. There is so much attention to detail -- down to the smallest miniaturized safety pins to the amazing haute heels and bags. Just gorgeous.

The Sybarites always live up to their name. These exquisite creatures have ushered in a new era in fashion doll collecting.

To find out more about the Sybarites check out their very own forum inside the Dolly Daily Community. There are lots of dazzling photos that will have you stalking the Supersite for new releases.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Blythes on vacation

I came back from a vacation last week. As expected, a couple of my Blythe also went along with me. It is strange how I have somewhat transformed from this 'shy about taking dolly pics in public' to 'proud to be taking dolly pics and public and enjoying the attention' person LOL.

It is most definitely a conversation starter. People see other people with dolls, they look, nudge, smile. Some brave souls venture closer, some even braver ones start talking. Nice dolls, where are they from, what kind of dolls are they and soon enough we are chatting away.

Oh well, just wanted to tell you how much fun I have taking my little one on vacation with me. Here's one more photo of Max and Grace enjoying the view of San Fran.

Barbie Fashionista Video

August 26, 2009 06:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
NEW YORK--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Today, Barbie premieres her first music and dance video – titled “Do ‘The Barbie’” – to celebrate the launch of her new Barbie® Fashionistas™ dolls. The new dolls feature 12 points of movement and more than 100 plastic-fantastic poses so Barbie can bend her elbows, twist her wrists, move at the waist and roll her head. To show off these new movements, Barbie has teamed up with one of the music industry’s hottest names to choreograph and produce a music video featuring a new dance – appropriately called “The Barbie” – set to a new, re-recorded version of the 90s hit song “Barbie Girl.” Barbie looked to famed choreographer JaQuel Knight, the talent behind Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” (“Put A Ring On It”) dance craze, to choreograph the “The Barbie,” a series of doll-like moves and dance grooves.

“Barbie’s first music video is an epic moment that further solidifies her place as a pop culture and entertainment icon”
The Barbie video makes its world premiere today on the Barbie YouTube channel:

“It was really fun to work with Barbie and create a dance for her. Barbie is the biggest icon in life and I am so excited to have worked with her on her first music video,” said choreographer, JaQuel Knight. “I have had the privilege of working with celebs like Beyonce and Britney Spears, and I am thrilled to add another B to the roster!”

The music video, shot in New York in July, stars three Barbie Fashionistas dolls – “Sassy,” “Cutie” and “Artsy” – and features a cameo from “Hottie” Ken®. In the video, the dolls break out of their toy boxes to “come alive” and dance “The Barbie” alongside real, life-size Barbie dancers. “The Barbie” dance is comprised of doll-like moves that can be performed to any song and ends with a signature Point, Twist, Snap.

“Barbie’s first music video is an epic moment that further solidifies her place as a pop culture and entertainment icon,” said Stephanie Cota, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Barbie. “Barbie’s celebrity status and role in pop culture allows her to partner with the industry’s best, and we love the signature dance JaQuel created. It’s surprising, kicky and catchy – everyone will want to try to do ‘The Barbie.’”

Knight, 20, is nominated for a 2009 MTV Video Music Award (Best Choreography for “Single Ladies”/ “Put A Ring On It”), and is currently on-set choreographing the theatrical live action “Burlesque.”

The Barbie® Fashionistas™ Dolls will be available in October for an average retail price of $11.99 each.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Integrity Toys announces new AvantGuards dolls

Two new "DayGlo" AvantGuards dolls have been announced. Here are juicy details...

This beautiful girl is a Chelsea's Collector Cottage exclusive in Australia. She wears a black mini-dress with green accent trim, and features a vibrant face-up in greens and blues. She is limited to 300, retails for $305AUD, and will be available mid-Sept.

No Exaggeration
This girl wears a modern interpretation of a pantsuit that would put MC Hammer to shame. This girl is pure high-style with her airbrushed electric purple face-up. She is limited to 400, retails for $220US, and will be available at your favorite AvantGuards dealers in late October.

Run, don't walk to get these beautiful girls on pre-order!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jeffrey turns 10

Luxury retailer Jeffrey in NYC turns 10 this year, and to celebrate he's found more than 50 of the world's top designers to create some very special dolls from Integrity Toys and Jason Wu for display and auction.

The dolls went on display on 10 August, 2009, and the shop is accepting bids via silent auction until they're sold on 17 September, 2009. Proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to support breast cancer research and the Atlanta AIDS Partnership Fund.

It's interesting to note that Integrity Toys supplied the new Monogram dolls in a variety of hair colors for the promotion. Some of the designers used both male and female dolls while others designed only for the female doll. Who's your favorite?

Check out the links below to find out more about these gorgeous doll. Both feature an article and lots of pics.
The Moment blog

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wal*Mart : New Dolls & Clearance.

I've been shopping ALOT this week !! Along the way , I've hit Wal*Mart stores in the tri-county central Arkansas area . ( Little Rock , Benton , Bryant , Hot springs ) The sales varied from store to store as did the new stock .

SO , make sure and get out to your local stores this weekend !! Some stores had moved the mark-down dolls to the clearance area ( usually near pets/ garden) other stores had the dolls on the shelf with red price stickers.....OH , here's a tip : always take a few mark-down dolls to a scanner , often they will scan cheaper than marked !! Best of luck to all the bargain hunters !!

Here are a few low price points I saw : Red Corvette Barbie $25 , Scotland $20 , France $ 20 , Julia Repro $30 , MFBD Repro gfitsets 1959 & 1971 $ 30 .

Of course the clearance dolls made rooom for some new stuff : SpongeBob Barbie , Camping Barbie , Ken , NEW Skipper and the Kelly & Stacie set .

The only "new" CE dolls were Harley and "Ballet" Lucy and Goldie Hawn .

HAPPY HUNTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are you coming to BlytheCon?

The first Blythe Convention is being held in Atlanta GA this year on October 17th. Although this event has been solely planned by Blythe fans and has no participation of Blythe manufacturer Takara, the excitement and the buzz is unbelievable.

It is a one day only event, but fans and collectors from far and wide are visiting. I know of friends who will be here from South America, Europe and of course the whole of North America. And of course there will be guest attendees, including Gina Garan.

There will be raffles, prizes, vendors, room sales and the works. And although small and not anything near the grand galas that we are used to hearing about with the other doll lines, this will definitely be a fun event. This will also be the first doll convention that I will be attending, which makes me even more excited. We will have live coverage of the event at DollyDaily so, don't forget to check the forums.

Check out the official BlytheCon website

Monday, August 17, 2009

So much new stuff

There's so much new out right now that it's bound to make a collector giddy with excitement or distraught with not being able to afford it all. Sometimes I wonder if the doll companies realize that we're even in a recession!!! LOL And why do they come out with some of their best stuff right in the midddle of said recession!!!

Mattel has just released their Jonathan Adler Barbie doll collection. They're so cute. I've always wanted mini Jonathan Adler products for my dolls. Now I get the chance to have them. And did you see the Edward and Bella dolls they're doing? Lots of buzz about them in the Dolly Daily community.

Integrity Toys is currently shipping their final releases from their February Toyfair announcements including the new Boogie Beach Dynamite Girls, and the long awaited Poppy Parker collection. The FR convention is just around the corner. With about a month and a half to go until the big event, collectors are beginning to get excited about what's in store for them in Chicago.

Tonner Doll Company has recently debuted their fall collection, and collectors are excited about what's to come. The Sinister Circus collection seems to thrilling collectors with an edginess not seen from Tonner before. There have also been more Twilight dolls announced -- James, Victoria, and Laurent, plus Edward and Bella at the prom as an exclusive.

There's plenty more dolls to chat about including new Momoko dolls, new Pullip and Blythe dolls, some new Sybarite accessories, and new Gene dolls -- both regular 16" size and the 1/6th scale. Why not sign into the Dolly Daily community to find out what's going on in the doll world.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barbie Fashionista

Barbie has a whole new look-and it's all fashion all the time. Strike a pose and express your fashion personality with the Barbie Fashionistas! The Fashionista dolls wear the trendiest fashions! Each doll has 12 points of articulation, more than 100 different poses, and a distinct personality (Glam, Cutie, Girly, Wild, Sassy, and Artsy) that is reflected in their clothes and accessories. Each doll comes with a purse and a fashion accessory. Girls will love playing with the doll that best fits their own personality! These dolls are really gorgeous and reflect today's girls' awareness and appreciation of fashion. The Barbie folks have really gone all out to create dolls that work as play dolls-and even as entry level collectibles. Plus, the lower price delivers great value without cutting corners on high style.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Pink label from Dressmakers Details

New from Dressmakers Details is the pink label collection, a more affordable, but quality line from DD. The quality that you have known from Dressmakers Details remains and the sets come with shoes and jewelry.

I only was able to score these two but I love their updated vintage feel!

First Eden in black and white lace dress (This dress only fits smaller busts)

And next is Agnes, in a gold shirt dress (this will fit bigger busts)

To view/buy the collection you can find them here