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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Many New Dolls,So Little Money !!

Is it just me , or has there been a flood of new dolls ??!!

From the Fashion Royalty Convention Collection alone there are some amazing new "have-to-have" dolls . . . . enough to bankrupt the richest collector LOL!!

Barbie has some awesome brand-new incarnations as well !!
The new Bob Mackie doll is spectacular !!!
Hard Rock Cafe's newest doll is another MUST-have ......
The BFMC Silkstone "Stunning in the Spotlight" pays homage to the iconic "Solo in the Spotlight" , another lovely new offering.

AND , if all these available dolls don't break you .....well , stay tuned....

Expect an announcement tomorrow about not one , not two , but THREE new Barbies from famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin !!

No doubt Integrity toys isn't done yet either !! There are upcoming on-line exclusives as well as the 2nd 2009 W club doll ...

Feeling broke yet ???? hehehehe

1 comment:

D7ana said...

The Integrity dolls alone have me broke. Add in a few Mattel dolls and Mixis fashions on sale ... poor me! LOL