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Thursday, March 25, 2010

2010 Paris Fashion Doll Festival, Sybarite style.

It's been a few weeks since the close of the Paris Fashion Doll Festival ( PFDF 2010 ) where SuperDoll introduced a mini-collection of dolls. First on the list was an exclusive doll named Librium from their private Speak & Spell event. Librium features the elusive and exclusive DC d'Royce sculpt. This gorgeous creature is limited to 40 pieces, and has superfans squealing with delight.

The PFDF Disco 3000 Sybarite event doll is named Tick (ltd 150). This gorgeous girl feature a delightful black updo with a silver clockwork strapless bodice and a white feather mini-skirt. A longer floor-length white feather skirt also accompanies the doll.

The sales room opened on the final day of the festival, and the SuperGuys had one last surprise up their sleeves, Tock (ltd. 100). This indigo-haired goddess features a clockwork mini dress in gold with hot pink tights. Only 50 pieces of Tock were available at the sales room and she quickly sold out. The remaining dolls were sold at the SuperSite days later.

The last doll to debut in Paris is Slipper. She's a Musée de la Poupée exclusive limited to 300 pieces. Known as a "basic" doll, Slipper features an amazing pink satin lace up corset and panties. She has a platinum flocked head and soft delicate facial features. The Sybarite exhibit lasts through the summer at the Musée and is sure to be a treat for doll lovers around the world. The Musée will also have two Sybarite wigs for sale in April. Keep checking the DollyDaily Community for more details.

It's rumored that there will only be one more Sybarite doll between now and Fall, 2010 that will be released. In the Fall, SuperFrock is rumored to debut redesigned Sybarite body.

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