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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dracula and his Brides: The Eternal Love Collection

The Brides of Dracula collection debuted in 2010 with three dolls, Mina, The Contessa, and Lucy. For 2011 those three characters are back in new guises along with their favorite undead leading man, Dracula.

Created by Vaughn Sawyers and the IT Design Team, the Brides are joined by their mysterious husband at long last! Each female doll in the series is intricately crafted and includes earrings, killer boots, long luscious locks and those trademark fangs! The master of darkness wears a perfectly tailored evening suit, handmade shoes and sports a pulled back hairstyle tied in a short ponytail.

Each doll is a limited edition of 500, will retail for $125, and has an expected in-stock date of April.

First up is the man, himself...
"The Count" Dracula

Next we have the Brides...
"Forever and Ever" The Contessa

"Eternally Together" Lucy

"Yours Evermore" Mina

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D7ana said...

Is it just me or is Dracula on the ugly side? Not saying he HAD to be good-looking, but ew.

Of the brides, Mina looks cute. If you overlook the fangs, ;-D

Jane Frankenfile said...

i got the red-head but dang, She doesnt look as good as yours! How did you get the hair so nice?

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