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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finally! Mattel does something right.

Mattel's Ken doll has FINALLY got a brand new neck. Hurray!!! I've have always long hated the weird and oddly placed neck seam on Ken doll, and I've always hated that he could never look up or down (only side to side). At long last, Mattel has finally updated Ken doll's neck on some of the collector dolls. Looks like Twilight Ken doll as Edward Cullen and "Pop Life" Ken doll are the first to use this new technology. Second, is the upcoming Harley Davidson Ken doll (and Barbie doll) gift set for 2010. Ken doll looks fantastic with his new articulation.

Here's a pic from the website Man behind the doll showing the old neck style:

Here's a pic from Mattel's Barbie Collector website showing Ken as Edward Cullen's new neck style:

So exciting. I'm definitely looking forward to more Ken dolls, and now I'm actually buying them!!!

Please note: Mattel will also apparently continue to use the "old" neck style as apparent from "Fashionista" Ken doll also from this year.

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