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Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Nu.Fantasy dolls make their debut

In 2008, Integrity Toys debuted their Nu.Fantasy collection, a spinoff of the Nu.Face collection, that featured contemporary interpretations on Fairytale themes exclusively for the Japanese market. "Red Riding Hood" Yuri and "Wild Wolf" Kumi quickly became collector favorites from all around the world.

Today, the next two dolls have been announced and are currently for sale at BIC Co. Ltd. in Japan. Kumi and Yuri are dressed as sisters "Snow White" and "Red Rose" from the The Grimm Brothers fairytale of the same name (which is all together different from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The dolls are designed by Daisy-D, a very famous artist in Japan. They're limited to 300 pieces each, but that number is being divided into Japanese market and International, so the number for everyone outside of Japan is much more limited.

"Snow White" Kumi comes dressed in a white calf-length dress with black embroidery, ribbon details, and lace trim. She also comes with a cute apple.

"Red Rose" Yuri is dressed similarly yet different. Her red calf-length dress also features black embroidery, ribbon details, and lace trim. Her accessory is a silver colored hand mirror.

The doll are currently available for sale at BIC Co. Ltd. right now. Don't delay, these are sure to sell out quickly.

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