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Monday, May 3, 2010

Darkhunter Dolls Official pics

Here are the official photos of the Darkhunter Dolls. They're absolutely gorgeous and full of wonderful details.

First up is Acheron. He's 12" tall and comes dressed in a full length black faux-leather jacket, faded jeans, and t-shirt. His biker boots, sunglasses, and backpack complete his look. $149.99 + shipping/handling/and any applicable taxes.

Didja spot the tattoo? How cool!

Then there's Simi. She's 12" tall and comes dressed in a plaid miniskirt, a bustier with mesh overlay, gloves, bracelets, leggings, knee-high boots, and get-this, removable black feather wings and a pair of red horns. Absolutely devilish! A coffin purse, a bottle of BBQ sauce, and a black AMEX card complete her look. $149.99 + shipping/handling/and any applicable taxes.

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And here's a link to the official website:

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