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Friday, August 22, 2008

Wonder Frog, Von Elem, has arrived!!!

My dear internet buddy, Rupak, enlightened me to a cutie little Japanese froggy named Wanda (aka Wonder Frog, aka "Wandafuroggu" -- hence the name "Wanda"). Wanda is the main Wonder Frog and he has lots of "wandafurendo" (Wonder Friends); they come in limited editions, and Von Elem aka "Von Eremu" (the light blue froggy that you see pictured) is one of them. He's the most recent limited edition. There is one other recent edition, Flora Heimel, a pink frog, that is an open edition but comes out monthly in small editions (I think).

There's not much information out there on the web about these little froggies, but they're becoming highly collectible. Flickr has a whole album dedicated to the many Wonder Frog collectors. The Wonder Frogs stand about 6 inches high, and come packaged in a silver plastic/foil baggie (as pictured). To my knowledge, there have been some small-edition outfits available for them as well.

When I saw that Von Elem was going to be released I knew immediately that I needed to have him in my collection. I adore blue frogs (even though they're deadly!), and he was just too cute to pass-up. Sadly, I missed the first round. By the time I made it to the site they'd completely sold out. I was a little bummed. Then a couple of days later I just happened to check back -- SCORE! They had listed 1 Von Elem that had been a cancellation. I didn't think twice about clicking the "buy" button. And now he's here. <3

I think what appeals to me about these little froggies is that they have such an innocent and cute simplicity about them.

I'm still a little confused as to whether Wanda is a boy frog or a girl frog. The Studio Uoo website says "he" as does all of the publications surrounding Wanda, but many collectors have dressed "him" up as a girl. I supposed he/she is whatever you'd like him/her to be. :-)

I can't wait to de-package him and play.

We've got a cute discussion going on inside the forum about Wanda and her friends: here

Wanda and his friends are a Japanese product and sold in Japan only. There is a website, BIC, that ships worldwide.

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