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Monday, September 28, 2009

Doll collecting's bad rap.

The 2009/2010 TV season brings much to the table in terms of variety. One of my favorite shows this season is Glee. It's a fun show about a high school Glee Club filled with an eccentric bunch students. In last weeks episode, "Preggers," we find out that one of the on-again-off-again teachers happens to be a doll collector. Character Sandy Ryerson is creepy guy on the show, and the doll collecting is supposed to contribute to the disturbing nature of the character. Why is it that TV finds the doll collecting world so weird and out-of-touch? I get that the character is a stalker, a predator, and all-around weirdo. But why is the doll collecting part made to add to his weirdness?! There have been other shows that have portrayed the same types of negative characters who collect dolls and seem to have a skewed view of reality.

Come on, writers! Doll collecting is a fun and harmless hobby (albeit an expensive one). Let's see some positive portrayals of doll collectors on the tube. 2009 is, after all, Barbie doll's 50th anniversary. Stores like Kitson in Los Angeles and Jeffrey's New York are selling collectible fashion dolls by some of the worlds top designers. Many celebrities have extensive doll collections. Give us something to celebrate!


B Jay said...

Indeed !!
Demi Moore has an entire house on her property for her doll collection.

willie1830 said...

I love dolls and doll collecting. Who cares what others think.

D7ana said...

Usually, doll collecting is a shown as a negative trait in a fictional character.

I agree with Willie - "I love dolls and doll collecting." And I, too, don't care what others think about that.