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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Less than a month to go until dolly craziness breaks out!

The Fashion Royalty Convention, ie: the Jason Wu Event VI, officially kicks off in less than a month. One of the Dolly Daily members, JennFL, organized a pre-convention chat last night to build up the excitement. We all had an awesome time and the hours (yes, hours) flew by. JennFL says that she'll organize a few more live chats before the convention. It was wicked fun speculating about the convention collection, discussing all of the workshops, figuring out when everyone is arriving, and chatting about all of the crazy meet-ups during the event.

I have to admit, that between work and the economy I hadn't much thought about the convention. In fact, I wasn't really that excited about it at all. Last night's chat changed all of that for me. OMG!!!! I can't wait to see everyone. It's going to be sooooo much fun. The people, the dolls, the parties. Wow!

Though this convention is completely sold out, I really encourage every doll collector to attend a convention. Many times doll collecting can be a solitary hobby that we share with online "friends" like those in the Dolly Daily community. No one understands us like other doll collectors do. A convention amplifies that a hundred times so that the collector is immersed in doll collecting heaven for several days straight. It's total bliss, yet completely without understanding unless one has been to a convention.

Many collectors who have never been to a convention think it's all about the dolls. Well, it is to some degree, but really it's about the people. Wow! There are some amazing doll collectors out there. Just when I think I've got them figured out they surprise me again and again.

Be sure to register in the Dolly Daily community (Click on the Community link at the top of this site) because a few of us are going to be posting lots of updates. It's going to be crazy!

Less than a month. So much to do; so little time left.

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JennFL said...

I'm so excited...and can't wait to see everyone in Chicago! We'll all be posting "LIVE FROM CONVENTION" Updates exclusively to Dolly Daily! This is your place for up-to-the-minute doll news!