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Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 Life Ball Doll by Jason Wu

Spending quality time with my newest "Favorite Doll", the "Life Ball Doll by Jason Wu". She's my latest diva, and one of the most exciting dolls I've seen since FAO's "Spectacular Spectacular Eugenia." The packaging of this doll has one of the nicest presentations I've ever seen: black velveteen box, metallic silver liner, red ribbon. She oozed glamour and luxury as soon as I slid her box out of the shipper. Deboxing her was exciting in itself...and I savored every minute of it.

After a substantial photo shoot in her original gown, I decided to see how this new body type would fit other outfits. She's very close in body type to the "NuFace" body so she can pretty much wear everything that they can; the Silkstone clothing fits perfectly at the bustline, but snug through the hips.

Here she is wearing "Blue Soiree" gown by Mattel:

Showing her versatility as a temptress, she wears an 'anime' outfit made of black pleather....[the slip & panties are her own]:

I love that she can go from "Runway Chic" to "Sexy Villan" so easily.

Many other happy owners have redressed her, and I've even seen someone reroot and restyle her hair - giving her eyelashes in the process; all with amazing outcomes.

Our own Chattykevin has even discovered that her hands are removeable [although not as easily as the "HandSpeak" dolls, so proceed at your own risk]. I haven't attempted to pull them out - yet - but it's nice to know that I have that option.

For a more detailed look at the 2009 Life Ball Doll, please read my review in the DollyDaily Reviews....and please feel free to add any thoughts and comments regarding this doll.

LBD is the first doll in Integrity Toys' new Fashion Royalty "Monogram Collection", and I'm eagerly anticipating the 2nd addition...especially if she's anything like this doll, and if she comes wearing miniature Wu Couture.

- JennFL

1 comment:

Panache said...

I love the soiree evening dress, but think it can be made better. I think that gown offerings are increasingly beautiful from everyone, though.