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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Touch of Ennui

It's been crappy weather here in my neck of the woods for almost a week. This usually means that I just stay inside and mope around in some form or another.

In my moments of boredom of being stuck with my cat, who I swear is out to get me if I pace my floor one more time, I decided to take a look at some of my dolls that just don't get the love as they should. Like all of us collectors, we go through phases of our favorite dolls that we like to display, photograph, or play with. It's not that I don't love some of my older dolls, it's just my reaction to current dolls can be similar to that of a magpie. I see something shiny and I'm instantly distracted.

Anyway, speaking of Ennui, like the title of the post suggests, I decided to give a little love to my Ellowyne Wilde doll "Chills". She's been on display since I brought her home from FAO Schwartz and have bought over the years a few outfits. Since both of us were feeling melancholy due to the weather we decided to play dress-up.

I took a few pictures of Ellowyne in her original outfit and in her Highland Lows outfit. It cheered us up a little, and got us talking a bit about some of her upcoming looks that were just released about a month ago on her official site. Ellowyne will now have the option of separate pieces of clothing, like her distance cousin, Tyler Wentworth, or you can buy the full set with a trunk and a basic Ellowyne doll in the hair color of your choice.

Personally, I'm surprised that Ellowyne has not made her way into more Collector's homes. I think she's pretty unique and even if one decided to be part of your collection, I think it's a grand start.

Link for Ellowyne's page:

Ellowyne Wilde

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