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Friday, August 21, 2009

Wal*Mart : New Dolls & Clearance.

I've been shopping ALOT this week !! Along the way , I've hit Wal*Mart stores in the tri-county central Arkansas area . ( Little Rock , Benton , Bryant , Hot springs ) The sales varied from store to store as did the new stock .

SO , make sure and get out to your local stores this weekend !! Some stores had moved the mark-down dolls to the clearance area ( usually near pets/ garden) other stores had the dolls on the shelf with red price stickers.....OH , here's a tip : always take a few mark-down dolls to a scanner , often they will scan cheaper than marked !! Best of luck to all the bargain hunters !!

Here are a few low price points I saw : Red Corvette Barbie $25 , Scotland $20 , France $ 20 , Julia Repro $30 , MFBD Repro gfitsets 1959 & 1971 $ 30 .

Of course the clearance dolls made rooom for some new stuff : SpongeBob Barbie , Camping Barbie , Ken , NEW Skipper and the Kelly & Stacie set .

The only "new" CE dolls were Harley and "Ballet" Lucy and Goldie Hawn .

HAPPY HUNTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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