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Monday, August 31, 2009

Wonderful Sybarites

One of my favorite fashion dolls of late has become the delectable Sybarites dolls from Superdoll. Over the course of the past few years Charles and Des, the SuperGuys, seem to have put out a collection of dolls that resonates with collectors because of their cutting social commentary and dead-on killer fashions.

Here is model Venus d'Royce as Trapeze wearing bits and pieces from various fashions

What I love about the Sybarites are the gorgeous fashions and eye-catching face-ups. Superdoll gives me the edgier fashion dolls that I crave. I tend to want less classic styles and more of what I see on the runways from my favorite designers like Galliano, Westwood, Gaultier, etc.

I resisted these dolls for a long time because of their 16" size, but finally caved and purchased a few of them last year. Now, I wonder why I ever waited. Unlike any doll I've ever owned; these are more like art pieces. There is so much attention to detail -- down to the smallest miniaturized safety pins to the amazing haute heels and bags. Just gorgeous.

The Sybarites always live up to their name. These exquisite creatures have ushered in a new era in fashion doll collecting.

To find out more about the Sybarites check out their very own forum inside the Dolly Daily Community. There are lots of dazzling photos that will have you stalking the Supersite for new releases.

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JennFL said...

I hope you'll sneak one of your girls to the FR Convention in Chicago! Can you believe that I still haven't seen one in person yet - which may be a my wallet.