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Monday, June 29, 2009

"In the Mix" Takeo

"In the Mix" Takeo Mizutani arrived, and he doesn't disappoint!

This is the second incarnation of Takeo, and what I like about Takeo is that he is younger, stronger, and built for speed! LOL Just kidding, of course. Well, he is younger looking, but he has the regular Fashion Royalty Homme body, so he's built like all of the other Homme guys. He does seem to fit in with the Nu.face collection with is more youthful look while the previous Takeo doll (from the 2008 Fashion Royalty convention) fit better with the Fashion Royalty collection with his slightly more refined look.

Takeo's hair is molded like a mofo -- there's so much gunk in there to help keep it's shape that it's more like a helmet than hair. I think I'm going to give him a wash and a trim. I'm not a big fan of longer hair on a guy, and while it might not look like it from the pics, but um, Takeo has a bob. LOL

Takeo's outfit consists of some really cool knee-length shorts, a green t-shirt, a "seersucker" sport coat (though it's not puckered) with crest, a knit beanie (not shown in my pics), and some really cool checkered high-tops. The shoelaces are a bit long, so a trim might be in order to make them look a little more in scale. Oh yeah, and he also comes with a pair of interchangeable hands -- easy to dress and twice the fun!

All in all, I'm happy with him. I do, however, have a few complaints about the Homme body. I wish it was a bit more articulated. The chest articulation only moves from side to side so he can tilt; I wish it also tilted forward and backward (well, it already does, but it doesn't hold the position). I also wish the neck joint had a bit more motion; my boy can't look up and down, but a bit.

I love the Integrity is constantly making adjustments and perfecting the Fashion Royalty and Nu.Face bodies, so maybe we'll see some improvement in the coming year(s).


Maura said...

Now I want him!!!

Adrian said...

how much did you pay for him? All I can find on ebay is one being sold for way over the original 99.