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Monday, July 13, 2009

Dark Magic

Integrity Toys, FR Nippon, has brewed up some dark magic with the release of the Gothic Dream Misaki collection. There are five dolls in the collection, Pure Evil, The Outsider, Red Rabbit, Paranormal Willow, and Witchie Witch (pictured below). I'm so excited to have Paranormal Willow and Witchie Witch in my collection.

I've always been fascinated by Witch dolls, and witches in general, so when Witchie Witch was announced I knew right away that I had to have her -- and she soooo cute! This doll, along with Paranormal Willow, uses the open-mouth Misaki mold. If you look closely you can see her teeth in the shot.

WW Misaki comes wearing a purple taffeta lolita-style dress with black lace overlay. An black oversized taffeta bow adorns her waist, and three black mini bows adorn her bodice. She also comes with black thigh-high leggings and killer just-below-the-knee witch boots. Her accessories include a broom, a witch hat, and lacy wrist-cuffs.

Witchie Witch Misaki has curly brown pigtails, but I've taken them down in my pics and have made a single ponytail in back. I like this look better because it doesn't look like she has a much hair. Each of the dolls in this collection is so cute, and I highly recommend them all. Check out the Misaki thread in the Dolly Daily community to see more pics of these wonderful dolls -- it's five pages (and counting) of glorious Misaki dolls.

For the most part, they're only available in Japan, but one can also find them on ebay and through other collectors.

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Maura said...

She is a dream!!!! Lovely face up.