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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dynamite Susie

You must know that globe trotting fashionista from R&D dolls named Susie. I loved her uniquely Asian mold and always wanted to add a Susie to my collection. Then I was scared of starting to collect a new doll line and suffer the usual financial consequences of ending up buying not just one but ten dollies. I had almost taken her off my wishlist when Susie made a special appearance in the Dynamite Girl line, which I already collected. So I finally got the chance to bring her home.

Her face is very fragile, daintily elegant. For that reason, I had some difficulty photographing her. I guess I have gotten used to the more prominent facial features of the other DG and FR girls. Her hair color and style is very pretty, better than many other girls in that line. I love her outfit, very cool accessories too. She is very nicely coordinated except for that pink eyeshadow the just pains my eyes. I know it is ElectroPop, but it is a bit to much it seems, particularly with a makeup that is based off red.

In the end, I think she makes a very nice addition to the Dynamite girls. She brings even more diversity to an already diverse line of dolls. And I am glad Integrity decided to add this doll, brings me another step closer to calling my wishlist fulfilled.

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