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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Licca Love

Licca or Licca-chan is a 23cm (9'') doll made by Takara. She is as popular in Japan as Barbie is in the USA. Born and raised in Tokyo, 11 year old Licca-chan is in 5th year of elementary school. She has a French father (Pierre) and a Japanese mother (Orie), likes tennis, window-shopping and baking cookies, reads manga/comics and enjoys custard pudding and vanilla ice-cream. Her full name is Licca Kayama.

Licca's family also includes twin younger sisters Miki and Maki, and baby triplet brother and sisters Kako, Gen and Mika. She also has French grandparents and a French cousin. She has a boyfriend Kakeru and her best friend is Izumi.

Her personality and hobbies were modeled in such way that little Japanese girls could identify with her easily. Her two favourite books are widely-known and popular classics that girls in Japan like to read - Anne of Green Gables and A Little Princess.

She was first released in 1967 and became an instant hit. Since then she has been released in many generations ending in today's 4th generation Licca. An easy way to set the 1st gen apart from the others is by their eye design: the 1st gen Licca has only one white highlight/dot in each eye, the other generations have three. The size of her body and proportions has also changed through the generations.

I have only one Licca in my collection, a reproduction and a friend Izumi. They are very different from any of the other fashion dolls I have because of their age. They make a nice addition to any collection. Below is a photo of my Izumi.

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Anonymous said...

I so want a Licca. Definitely a vintage Licca and Wataru, but if they're too expensive then I'll have to settle for a repro Licca. She's so cute!