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Monday, July 20, 2009

A paranormal experience

Recently, I have become smitten with some Misaki dolls from Integrity Toys' FR Nippon label. You might have read about my Witchie Witch doll in a post from earlier this week. I absolutely adore her, and my new girl (thank you to a dear friend for acquiring her for me) has just arrived.

Introducing Paranormal Willow...

PW is like Witchie Witch's sister. Their dress is a similar cut and she has the open-mouth face mold. I'm not sure if it's a different mold entirely from the regular Misaki mold or if the factory simply painted in some teeth. To my knowledge, only Witchie Witch and Paranormal Willow have the open-mouth look. Regardless, that is where the similarities end. PW's cute plaid dress and bonnet give her an entirely different look. Fans of the "Red Riding Hood" Yuri doll from the Nu.Fantasy collection will recognize the shoes and handbag; they are the same but with black trim instead of red. These heels are the coolest, and calling them heels is contradictory as there is no actual heel!

PW and WW are just two of the Misaki dolls in the Gothic Dreams collection. Red Rabbit, The Outsider, and Pure Evil round out the collection. PW was an exclusive and hence a bit more money. They will delight and enchant you. Maybe next week I'll get the girls together for a little camera time.

Until then, unpleasant dreams. LOL

1 comment:

Capote said...

Ha ha ... I was waiting for this! She looks utterly fabulous!